New Thought Publishing presents its first official release.

The Addiction of Amanda.

Book one from The Chronicles of South 55.

Amanda EBook cover final sep 2018

The Addiction of Amanda follows a homeless father named Sid and his son John during the storm of the century on the southside of Saint Louis. It is about their everyday struggle to survive. From the simple act of finding food to them searching for shelter. The cruel rules of the concrete jungle do not discriminate against man, woman, or child. What got them to this point? Is it Sid’s past substance abuse, or the demons he can’t shake? Could it be his wife Amanda who is still living the good life as an addict herself? The truth is something that can be ignored until the day you wake up. What follows are answers to the questions we are afraid to ask ourselves?

If you want to know the truth, then discover The Addiction of Amanda.

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The Addiction of Amanda is currently available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. The paperback can also be purchased on Amazon.